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. >> reporter: the mayor's law office still boarded up, the latest fire. he's accused of setting the mayor's law office on fire. followed by another fire at taylor fire. lloyd felt these businesses had wronged him in regards to his mother's death. >> i met him in the process of handling his mother's estate. >> reporter: the mayor told me that he met him 10 years ago. love tried to sue him later but the lawsuit was thrown out. still he had not linked love to the fire at his fire. >> reporter: did you suspect him all along? >> no i did not suspect him, i did not know who did it. >> he did provide enough information to assist us in this situation. >> i would say i'm not surprised about anything. you never know who's doing what and you never know what to expect. >> reporter: we asked police if love had a criminal history they would only say that they are familiar with him. reporting live here in vallejo, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> happening now, crews with the san francisco puc are working on treasure island to fix a water main break. happened around 7:00 tonight right in front of the
that occurred, she needs to contact law enforcement, and let them do their job. >> reporter: the attorney says the principal was fooled by a teacher she trusted. the trial is set to continue tomorrow. if convicted, she faces up to 6 months in jail. >>> a long time oak city -- oakland city council member is call -- claiming he illegally used the city computer and fax to set up this event back in july. that's when he announced he would run for an at large council seat. the use of city resources could violate state law. the ethics commission tells ktvu it has yet to determine if it will move forward with an investigation. >>> back now to our continuing coverage of the aftermath of that storm back east. at this hour, more bay area volunteers are headed out to help. ktvu's maureen naylor is live at mineta san jose international airport, and tells us, just getting back east is the first challenge. >> reporter: right now, a red cross volunteer is on a plane here, set to take off for the east coast, less than 10 minutes from now. we also have photos from a bay area woman in the hardest hit area. with
of the defense of marriage act. that's the federal law that defines marriage as between only a man and a woman. the court is expect to announce on november 6 whether it will rule in those cases. >>> in buenos aires argentina people were forced to evacuate. one fatality is being reported. . argentina news reports that one elderly man was found dead in his home. >>> al-qaida has taken responsibility for two deaths. the attacks are in response to the arrests of sunni women by the government in an effort to pressure the women's want relatives to turn themselves in. >>> in greece the debt crisis is rekindling efforts for germany to pay pees from world war ii. germany compensated greek victims of nazi crimes in 1966. >>> deputies in tahema county are trying to track thousands of pounds of stolen walnuts. they say 80,000 pounds of tah earthquake ma county walnuts are missing. two truckloads of walnuts never made it to their destination and authorities say they're now looking for a delivery truck looking for a delivery truck driver with a russian [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it e
. back in may the city passed a law requiring all massage practitioners be certified. >>> a warning tonight about racoons, the precautions being taken in one neighborhood after several attacks. >>> and i'm back here in just a few minutes, we have the halloween forecast. we're going to take that computer model and roll that through the evening hour so you can get an when a woman is having a heart attack? chest pain, like there's a ton of weight on your chest. severe shortness of breath. unexplained nausea. cold sweats. there's an unusual tiredness and fatigue. there's unfamiliar dizziness or light-headedness. unusual pain in your back, neck, jaw, one or both arms, even your upper stomach, are signs you're having a heart attack. don't make excuses. make the call to 9-1-1 immediately. learn more at >>> the u.s. coast guard says it is intercepted a boat packed with marijuana off the coast of southern california thathappened late today. three suspected drug smugglers were also arrested. a helicopter first spotted if boat. a pair of coast guard boats later ka
was hit by a group of workers: investigators are now working with other law enforcement agencies as they try to solve this case. >> our investigators are working hand in hand with investigators and other jurisdictions. >> this is surveillance video from a recent similar crime at a bay area jewelry store. authorities say such robberies have taken place in san pablo, oakland and berkeley. >>> a day of the dead celebration this evening took on a political tone in san francisco. dia de los muertos is a typical holiday that honors people's ancestors. one event in the mission tonight focused on people killed by police. >> this is not just isolated incidents that occur on your block, or in your city. i mean this is a national epidemic. >> cephus johnson is the uncle of oscar grant who was killed by a police officer on new year's day 2009. >>> i'm back here in just a few minutes, we're going back to your bay area >>> the california highway patrol is investigating a chain reaction accident. news chopper 2 was overhead about 3:00 this afternoon this is one of two crash scenes involving a b
when things are seemingly falling apart. >> reporter: this woman built an altar if her late son-in-law and deceased family members. >> this is like bringing them back to remember the good times, what they liked and what they didn't like, just to be celebrating with them that we haven't forgot them. >> reporter: back here live there are a lot of people gathered here at garfield park after watching the procession. they are here to see the many altars that have been set up here in the neighborhood. amber lee, ktvu news. >>> happening now, a close call on the waters of san francisco bay. this is a live picture of the richmond san rafael bridge. the coast guard tells us that a barge broke lose about 8:30 and was a drift near the bridge. there was concern it might hit the bridge but a coast guard person tells us it was being being tugged back in place. >>> this is surveillance video of the attack on october 10th. investigators say the man in the video is devean riley. he punched and killed a muni agent who tried to stop him from bringing his bike on the train. >>> and a fatality shut down bu
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6